Our Very Own Who Do You Think You Are.

27. Aug, 2019

Leaving Yorkshire and Back Again

I've been an avid watcher of the tv programme, 'Who Do You Think You Are,' since it started several years ago. In every family tree, there will be a name that stands out above the others because of its unusual ring maybe - Hercules Holt anyone? I often look for women who seem to stand out - they may have been suffragettes or run a business or become actresses like several of the women I have written about so far, so I'm including this section which is going to focus on some of the people from other parts of our family tree who have an interesting story. The first one is Harriet Green. She is my husband's great grandmother and seemed to have been forgotten by or was unknown to her current descendants. One of the things that stood out about her was that she was married three times. I decided to investigate further.

Harriet was born in the village of Tankersley - nearest cities Sheffield and Wakefield - in 1939. She had several older siblings: John, George, Henry, Elizabeth and Susanna. The family lived at New Laithe House, where her father Edmund aged 45 in 1841, worked as an ironstone miner. The Green family can be traced back to the 17th Century in Tankersley and possibly even beyond. Edmund was an ironstone miner; ironstone beds near Tankersley had been mined by the Wentworth family since the early 16th Century so the history of the industry, like that of the Greens, was well-established in the village.