Reflections for 2018

Resolve to Carry On!

Despite having a bout of ill health over the last two years, I've kept researching and reading though my writing has been a bit sparse. Two huge breakthroughs occurred which have enabled me to add flesh to the bones of events and people I have researched and only read about.

The first one came when Geoffrey Hastings/Phillips' sons got in touch, telling me that they had been reading these pages; that was such a surprise. Geoffrey has been one of the more enigmatic figures in my exploration. Fred Hastings' grandson and the great nephew of Martha Cranmer Oliver, I believed he had died childless years ago. Imagine how I felt when his sons contacted me full of new information and so welcoming and receptive to what I'm doing. They were able to fill in gaps in my knowledge and explain what Geoffrey had been doing when he had become lost to me.